Bridging the cultural gap

Doing business abroad is different …

… different lifestyle, language and business culture

People with different cultures have different ways of doing business. The difficulties of day-to-day life abroad, like language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, ignorance of local characteristics, decision-making processes or business behaviour can considerably slow down the process of getting off to a good start, or – worse – can even lead to business failure.

But what may look like an insoluble problem for a foreign company is often easily solved by a local partner who has experience in dealing with similar situations. Above all, a partner who understands your business model and your objectives of being successful in Germany.

Therefore it is good to know someone you can rely on. Someone who can bridge the cultural differences and who can provide comprehensive on-site support to establish your business, to build up valuable customer relationships or to deal with the local authorities.

Our Services

We at Helm & Company are specialized in managing international, cross-cultural projects and supporting companies to establish and expand their business operations. Be it in Germany, India or South-East Asia, we know the local characteristics, the main business rules and decision-making processes. With our tailor-made solutions we can provide comprehensive on-site support in order to enable our clients to focus on their main business activities.

To discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us now.