Corporate Immigration

Getting German Work & Residence Permits …

… fast and efficiently

Companies who have large number of employees abroad often must devote considerable time and resources to get on with the challenging immigration rules and regulations and to manage the concerned internal processes effectively.

We at Helm & Company efficiently support international corporations in obtaining visa, work and residence permits for Germany. With our vast experience we can provide comprehensive guidance and assistance on all immigration-related matters.

 Key Services:

  • Information & Guidance
    • Visa processes; basic requirements; pitfalls; etc.
    • Exploration of the best suited application strategy
    • Identifying cost saving potentials
  • Process Reengineering
    • Supervising and improving your corporate immigration processes
  • Managing your entire Immigration Processes
    • Visa assessment (check documents, eligibility …)
    • Application processing
    • Status monitoring and follow-up
    • Work/Residence permit extensions
  • Registration and de-registration assistance