Project Management

We manage and drive …

… your international projects

Project Management assignments have long been at the core of our activities and despite bringing profound experience in the management of projects, each new assignment poses new challenges. This is especially true for international, cross-cultural projects where two companies from two different cultural backgrounds are involved. In these types of assignments the cultural and communication aspects become crucial components.

Projects with partners from very different backgrounds and geographies can be a sensitive undertaking and one always needs to be aware of the differing culturally induced perceptions.

Through our many years of dealing with Asian, especially Indian, companies, and our first-hand personal experience in those countries Helm & Company is able to successfully execute defined goals and visions of our clients, combined with the necessary dose of culturally empathy that lays the ground for an effective communication of all involved parties.

Achieving goals with a strong sense of cultural understanding and finding a common language are principles that are at the heart of our business approach.

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