Relationship Management

Building Relationships …

… for business growth

Strong relationships power the growth of a business. This applies to Germany too. Business here is more seen as conceptual and long-term than in many other countries. German business people want to assure themselves that they are working with reliable partners before even considering a deal. Therefore achieving trust is a key factor in success. But the lack of credibility one company has when entering the German market and being not yet familiar with the local language and culture, makes it quite difficult to proactively build genuine, lasting relationships. However time is of the essence and any delay may increase the risk of your venture.

At Helm & Company relationship management is our core competence. We speak the language of your German stake-holders – linguistic and cultural – and we work side by side with your team to establish and manage valuable business relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

We will help you to understand the German business culture and your stakeholder’s expectations. We are always accountable, always involved, and always looking for additional value, whether through advice, innovative strategies, inspired creativity or improved stakeholder collaboration.

Key Services:

  • Customer analysis
  • Marketing & Communication strategies
  • Key Account Management
  • Issue Management
  • Networking
  • Establishing and managing high profile contacts on CxO level
  • Cross selling
  • Loyalty Programs