Market Entry

Gain instant access …

… to the German market

In today’s economy it is becoming increasingly necessary for companies to expand globally in order to survive; but to do so successfully, a well prepared market entry and a polished go-to-market strategy is essential.

Our primary focus is to assist foreign companies in understanding the German market, developing and executing market-entry and go-to-market strategies, and creating sustainable growth.

Helm & Company is your resource for identifying and developing options for starting operations in the German market. Analysis of these options will establish the best approach, be it opening a branch office, partnering with another company, or appointing an agent or other representative.

Our consultants assist you in finding your local business partners whether through Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisition or Marketing partner agreement. We can also help you culturally integrate your international operations by providing orientation programs, training and assistance in intercultural management and negotiations.

When foreign firms establish a presence in Germany, be it a subsidiary or a mere representative office, they need the right local staff to operate successfully. Therefore, part of our service offering can also be finding those right people for you. We can scan the market, contact recruitment agents and do shortlist the right candidates for you to interview.

Key Services:

  • Market research & analysis
  • Market entry & marketing strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Localization of products and services
  • Local Sourcing & Vendor Management
  • Facility setup
  • Corporate Immigration Services
  • Intercultural training
  • Candidate Search