Supporting Healthcare Providers …

… to manage their international projects

The German (and European) healthcare market is currently facing simultaneous pressures from public spending cuts on the one hand, and the need to provide for an increasingly ageing population on the other. This pushes healthcare providers to find alternative ways of revenue and to offer innovative and novel deliveries of medical services. In the process of these fundamental changes, German healthcare providers, such as hospitals, are jumping on the already successful bandwagon of German pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, in offering their services abroad.  At the same time, many emerging and developing economies are witnessing a vastly rising affluent middle-class which increasingly demands the provision of high-quality medical services of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Albeit being early stages of this development, German healthcare providers clearly benefit from the highly held excellent global reputation of the German healthcare system.

Tapping into this trend we have been involved in managing international healthcare cooperation projects between German medical services providers and Asian counterparts. E.g. we’ve managed successfully one of the largest and highly-acclaimed telemedical cooperation projects between a prestigious German hospital and a private clinic in Southeast- Asia.