Information Technology

The World is Flat …

… especially in IT Service Industry

The first wave of foreign companies providing IT services in the German market has passed and in its wake has established a handful of Indian players in the process. The concept of offshoring and outsourcing has by now been tried and tested by many German clients, and consequently has lost its novel appeal. As much as cost issues still play a significant role in the IT domain, foreign companies wishing to enter the German market cannot anymore position themselves on cost advantages alone and thus must find a much wider tailoring of their value proposition in the German market. Despite of these developments, the German IT market still offers great potential as a lot IT functions and operations are still located in-house, so the need for external service providers is definitely there.

Helm & Company has advised numerous Indian Tier-1 and Tier-2 IT companies in their entry and expansion strategy in the German market. In the process we have attained profound expertise and knowledge of the German IT landscape and thus are well-equipped to successfully position your company against domestic competitors. Since 1999, to this day, we have been trusted advisors to some of India’s largest IT service companies, helping them in their business development efforts as well as their immigration processes for employees deputed to Germany.